Bar Review: Reservoir (Montreal, Qc)

The Review

You’ll recognize Reservoir bar by its red brick exterior and its large arched windows. It’s a microbrewery in Montreal, which offers its own beers, as well as other food and drink options. From the outside, you’ll be able to see into the interior of its second story, where there’s an open-air patio, where you can sit outside in the summer. We went to Reservoir on a cold and snowy day, but I imagine this feature would be quite nice on a warmer day.

The exterior

When we got there, it was around 5PM on a Saturday, so there were still quite a few open tables. The first thing you’ll notice, is the decor, which is a little hipster. Industrial touches, as well as plants are scattered everywhere. We sat by the window, which also happened to be by a radiator, which kept us nice and warm while we were there. By the times we left an hour or two later, though the place was definitely getting packed. Even though the crowd was sparse, we found it loud. We had to raise our voices to hear each other. It might have been because the music was a little too loud, or just because of the acoustics of this place.

The interior

The beer selection was excellent. The menu (see end of this post for a photo) included 12 different kinds of beers, suiting almost any taste. The rest of the menu was not very tempting, though. The descriptions of the foods were not very appetizing, and there were only four choices of cocktails listed. Since this is a microbrewery after all, it makes sense that the beer selections were the most impressive. There were, however, a reasonable amount of wines, whiskeys and ciders also listed. We decided to stick to beer though, since, as we mentioned, it is a microbrewery.

Cream ale

The beers we tried were an American Pilsner, a cream ale, and a milk stout. We thought the best of the three was the milk stout. It tasted creamy with a slight sweetness, which was a great winter drink. We also enjoyed the cream ale, which was also quite creamy, but with less sweetness than the milk stout. It had a lighter taste, with a mildly fruity touch. The American Pilsner was also good, but we preferred our two other choices. The Pilsner tasted very biscuity (a little too much) while keeping a touch of bitterness.

Milk stout (front) and American Pilsner (back)

The cost of the beers was reasonable as well. Each 20 oz pint is $7, tax included. The price of the food, however, was not as reasonable. For example, a bowl of olives costs $6. That’s almost as much as a pint of beer! We’d recommend you go to this place for an after-dinner beer, or that you wait to go somewhere else if you want to drink something different.

Summary: The Introversion scale

To summarize, we recommend this place, but mostly only if you want to drink beers. Of course, since we’re introverts, this advice comes from our point of view. So, from our introverted eyes, here are a few things to summarize, which you may also care about if you’re like us:

Quietness: 2/5

For a bar, this place was quite quiet. The music was still pretty loud though, and we had to speak up to hear each other. Plus, we went early on a Saturday night, so it’d probably be even worse during peak bar hours.

Emptiness: 3/5

We had no trouble getting a table, and we barely had to wait for our drink or for service. Of course, the place wasn’t fully empty, but it wasn’t packed. The place started to fill up as we were leaving though, and probably gets full during peak hours.

Quality of drinks: 4/5

The beers we had were delicious and reasonably priced. We had to deduct a point due to the lack of choices for non-beer drinkers.

Quality of food: 3/5

We didn’t order any food, so we won’t be too harsh in our judgement. The food was overpriced, though, and the options were not exactly exciting.

The beer menu — also the most interesting menu.

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